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Land O’Frost Premium® Minis

August 9, 2013

Perfect For School Lunches, Snacks or Parties!

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I’ll admit I’m a bit of a deli snob. I usually head right for the Boar’s Head section of the deli counter. So when I was asked to review Land O’Frost Premium® Minis, I was concerned they wouldn’t meet my lunch meat standards...but I was very wrong! And judging from the empty platter at my Back-To-School party last weekend, these lunch meat treats were a hit with everyone – kids and parents included.

While we had many products to sample, Jack definitely favored the minis!

Land O’Frost has taken some of their best-selling premium lunch meat flavors (honey ham, hickory smoked ham, hickory smoked turkey breast, and honey smoked turkey breast) and made them mini-sized. Now, they are perfect for party trays, snacks, and kids’ lunches too.  I have a kid who won’t eat sandwiches, so the minis are a perfect solution. I can just pack the meat along with some cheese and crackers in a box and he’s good to go.

Land O’Frost Premium® Minis come in packages of 72 pieces. They are gluten free, contain no MSG, 0g Trans Fats and are only 100 calories or less per serving. That’s music to many parents’ ears.

CLICK HERE to visit the website and learn more.

Disclosure: I received free product in order to complete this review. Opinions, however, are my own.

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