Declutter Challenge: 5-Minute Easy Motivation


By Vanessa Higgins, Clean Tu Casa March 12, 2019

When springtime arrives, the poet in all us comes alive. Sunnier days, fresh rains, budding trees and a reminder to tackle nagging clutter build-ups.  

You know it is time to declutter when you can’t close a closet door or a kitchen drawer. Decluttering can actually be a lot of fun and simple if you break it down to more manageable tasks and create a place for everything. Try this 5-min challenge and you’ll be surprised how motivated you can be when it’s done in quick bursts.


  • Pick 1 or 2 weeks on the calendar for your challenge. Each day of that week, you will pick an area that could use some attention like a junk drawer in your bedroom, kitchen counter top, or an overstuffed pantry. It doesn’t matter when or where, but stick to your daily challenge for 1 or 2 weeks. Don’t skip a day...stay committed and visualize those areas without clutter!

  • Set a timer for 5-minute either once a day or multiple times during each day. What can you do in 5-minutes? A lot! Our adrenaline kicks in once we’re under a deadline. The timer motivates you to think logically rather than emotionally. So you don’t have to think too long if you need it again or feel bad if you get rid of it.

  • Create 4 categories: TRASH, DONATE, SELL, or DESIGNATE A NEW “HOME” within your house to easily find it later. Focus on items that are easy to eliminate to reduce the clutter. This isn’t the time to go through family heirlooms or things of value that would need more care and attention.

    • TRASH: Get a trash bag or recycling bin to discard obvious items. Expired food, old make up, worn out socks, old magazines, etc.

    • DONATE: One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Think about someone else who may be able to benefit from an item that is still in good condition. These are items that would be served as a donation that spending your time selling. Keep a donation box or two during your 1-2 week challenge to fill up. Once full, you can bring it to your local thrift shop, Goodwill store, women/family shelter, Dress for Success or call to have it picked up by either Salvation Army or ministries like MUST or Atlanta Mission.

    • SELL: Consider selling an item or two on apps like NextDoor or OfferUp where it is easy to take a photo, write a quick description and sell. This may be great if you come across baby items or clothes in good condition or shoes that have never been worn. If you feel like it make take too much time and effort to sell, then it’s best to find an easier departure like donation or else your clutter will still become a new clutter within a matter of weeks.

    • DESIGNATE A NEW “HOME” for your items: This is the perfect time to assign a new place for all batteries, all electronics, all shoes, etc. This is the real key to organizing a home. Storage bins and containers are perfect for organizing and reducing the chance of clutter. Just focus on finding a place for your items. For instance, if find your toothbrush laying on the living room coffee table. You may first think...gross! Then you would immediately know that toothbrush should belong in the bathroom in the toothbrush holder. This may be a weird situation but the point is relevant...everything really should have a “home” to keep a clutter-free space. If only life could be so simple for all things!

Now, go and find your 1-2 weeks to enter the declutter challenge! We’re excited for you to see how this challenge is a simple way to a clutter-free home. Good luck!

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