Ride the Wave of Fun at OODAZU in Buckhead


By Cookie Suarez, Publisher, Macaroni Kid Buckhead-Midtown-Brookhaven October 4, 2019

Have you heard of Oodazu? It opened this summer, and is the newest indoor playspace in Buckhead. Lee Bradshaw and Jon Johnson created this LA-inspired haven for kids to play hard and also find their zen.

Bradshaw and Johnson named their center Oodazu (oo-dah-zoo), by combining the idea from the OODA loop cycle - Observe - Orient - Decide - Act, and Zu meaning RAD or cool. Their playspace definitely has a pleasantly relaxing vibe compared to other kids' venues, because of the natural lighting, colors, and low crowds. The combination of activities Oodazu offers also keeps the kids and parents coming back for more!

Oodazu's playspace includes a variety of options. There are three virtual reality stations, one race station, and two sensory reality pods. The audio and video are enhanced with airflow, vibrations, and back pokes for a full immersive experience. The virtual reality movie choices range from a candy land roller coaster to dinosaurs and underwater adventures. It's a cool experience to try. I got a little woozy, but the kids absolutely loved it!

Bradshaw got my daughter harnessed and locked into the auto-belay system to take on the next adventures. There are plenty of staff members to help the kids. My daughter scaled the multi-level climbing towers and tested most of the seven themed climbing walls. A cargo net drapes in the middle of the play area for the kids to climb without the auto-belay. An open area with blocks, soft toys, and a swing keep the younger kids occupied while the older kids play.

One of my daughter's favorite activities was going down the rip slide in an innertube. There's also trampoline basketball, pop-a-shot basketball, and ping pong tables. If you want to play a kinder and gentler version of dodgeball with friends, try GaGa Ball in the octagon pit with foam balls. After watching some VR, jumping, climbing, and sliding, the kids found their zen in the yoga room with a certified yogi. She was fantastic at keeping the kids engaged and teaching them a variety of yoga poses. Yoga mats and meditation floor cushions are provided for each kid. My daughter enjoys yoga and had a lot of fun at Oodazu!

Parents can shop in the retail area while their kids play. Or, they can relax in the seating area and watch their kids from the large LCD screens that stream live video of the play areas or yoga room.

In addition to their yoga classes, Oodazu offers afterschool and camp programs, and birthday parties. They have two party rooms, a retail area for healthy snacks and drinks, a balloon bar, and designer clothing from brands like Tiny Whale, Chaser, K-Deer and more.    


Drop-In Pricing: No fee for parents/guardian
2-hour play pass $19.99/child
Yoga Class: $19.99
Virtual Reality: 3 Experiences $9.99/day  6 Experiences: $12.99/day
Birthday Parties: Start at $399 contact for more details
Membership is also available.  


Mon – Sat 10AM to 6PM;  Sun 12 PM to 6PM

800 Miami Circle
Atlanta, GA 30324
Phone: 404.565.0259
Facebook: oodazuatl
Instagram: oodazu

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