Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab™ at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta

May 20, 2021

Children’s Museum of Atlanta welcomes limited-time traveling exhibit Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab™, May 2021

Families invited to science-forward, interactive experience

Thursday, April 29, 2021 — Children’s Museum of Atlanta will launch Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab, a limited-time, immersive traveling exhibit, on May 22, 2021. Presented and produced by Genius Brands International and The Betty Brinn Children’s Museum, the exhibit teaches children about forces, the six simple machines, chemistry and material science. 

Immersing little ones in the wonders of science, Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab™ offers captivating, hands-on experiences that introduce kids to the world of STEM, engages them in the scientific process and highlights some of the most inspiring, renowned scientists and innovators alongside their groundbreaking discoveries.

In this science-centric exhibit, guests can:

  • Discover invisible forces that seem more like magic than science! Experiment with electricity, magnetism, optics, sound waves, air pressure and fun physics laws.
  • Manipulate the classic six simple machines designed by Renaissance scientists to make work easier – the lever, inclined plane, pulley, screw, wedge, and wheel and axle – with interactive activities that illustrate math and physics.
  • Explore chemistry by studying a giant hands-on periodic table of elements, discovering the way raw elements are put to work.
  • Investigate materials science, discover how natural and human-made substances are used and learn more about scientific properties. A touch-screen design challenge and document findings will be available at the blogging station.

Presented in Atlanta by Georgia Natural Gas with support from Fulton County Arts & Culture and the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs, Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab™ will be available at the Museum through September 7, 2021.

Children’s Museum of Atlanta is open with limited capacity in a two-hour session format. The Museum is following enhanced health and safety measures, including requiring face coverings for all guests over 2-years-old and all staff members; deep cleaning between each session and cleaning of high touchpoints during sessions; and implementing hand-sanitizing stations throughout the Museum. A full list of health enhancements can be found on the Museum website.

More information on reservations and tickets, operating hours and the Museum’s online programming guide can be found at